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Veterinary medicine equipment and instumets sector
The department sells the veterinary equipment and represents, among others, the following companies: KRUUSE - Denmark, KERBL - Germany, Mindray - China, ECM - France, Mini Tub - Germany, Draminski - Poland, Real Trace - France.
VETLAB is the department, which has existed within the company SUPERLAB since its foundation. VETLAB occupies one of the leading positions on our market regarding selling of veterinary equip-ment, owing to the quality of the products as well as its professional attitude towards the customers.
The advantage of VETLAB, in comparison to the com-petitors, also lies in the logistic support of other depratments within SUPERLAB. We have got more than 1000 customers, with the upward ten-dency. We are the leaders on the market regarding the selling of the equipment for meat control for the presence of larvae T. Spirallis and sets for the method of artifical digestion. We were first to start with the import of the devices for  inhalation anaesthesion for small animals as well as for the equipping of veterinary ambulances of  small praxis...