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Sales Department for laboratory equipment and consumables for laboratories in pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry

PHARMALAB is the department for permanent supply of laboratories in pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry that have the specific demands regarding the equipment quality, which has to be validated and qualified in compliance with the demands GMP, GLP and GPP.

The department is specialized in supplying laboratories with compounding balances, devices for the clean water production - Aqua purificata, dispensers for antibiotic syrups, laminar chambers, mixers and homogenizers, as well as with automatic systems: unguators for the production and packing of small laboratory batches of creams and gels; capsule-filling machines for laboratory size, laboratory and pilot plant devices for solution production...

Equipment for raw materials identification, as well as for disintegration and dissolution testing of finished products represent only the part of the sales program of the department. There is also the equipment necessary to fulfill the demands of Good Distribution Practice - portable refrigerators with the compressor, dataloggers, control cards for temperature monitoring of the vaccines during transport.


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