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Publishing date: 17.12.2014.
Article name: Rudolph Research Analytical - Automatic Refractometers

VIDEO - Automatic Refractometers J457, J257/J357-Series 5, J157-Series 5

J457 - PDF, J257/J357-Series 5 - PDF, J157-Series 5 - PDF

View on YouTube

Publishing date: 14.11.2014.
Article name: Mass Spectrometry Solutions - Perkin Elmer
Publishing date: 13.11.2014.
Article name: Waterlab - SIMPOSIUM
Publishing date: 15.10.2014.
Article name: MEDIDENT 2014 - SUPERLAB
Publishing date: 18.06.2014.
Article name: HIAC 8011+
Publishing date: 30.05.2014.
Article name: INFICON
Publishing date: 07.05.2014.
Article name: QuEChERS promotion

Between October 15, 2011 and December 31, 2011 you will receive an additional 10% discount off any QuEChERS product orders over 125000 din.


Publishing date: 07.05.2014.
Article name: Hach Ultra web seminar

Dear Colleagues,


We invite you to attend the Web seminar, our principal, of Hache Ultra, the manufacturer of the device for counting particles in the air at the Met One www.hach.com/annex1

The seminar is the latest changes to EU GMP Annex 1, which are valid from 01 March 2009.

These changes include:

     * New limits for the number of particles of 5 micron
     * Request for continuous monitoring of the cleanliness of areas A and B.

Also, during the seminar will be discussed newly standard ISO 21501 for calibration device for counting particles and recently proposed changes to ISO 14644th How is the goal of this educational seminar, will be described design MetOne counters particles that satisfy the requirements of these standards.


Best regards,

Sales team SUPERLAB 


Publishing date: 14.03.2014.


View on YouTube
Publishing date: 28.02.2014.
Article name: FVM - Monitoring surface hygiene
Publishing date: 25.12.2013.
Article name: Charm Corporate Video 2013

Charm Corporate Video 2013

Publishing date: 13.03.2013.
Article name: IMPLEN
Publishing date: 14.11.2012.
Publishing date: 26.10.2012.
Article name: Perkin Elmer - SUPERLAB autorized distributor
Publishing date: 19.07.2012.
Article name: IKA UTTD control - VIDEO

Flash of inspiration in the shaft tunnel - IKA launches the new video for UTTD control

Where do revolutionary product ideas actually come about? The new product video for the ULTRA TURRAX Tube Drive control® (UTTD control) from IKA provides an answer: through inspiration from nature.

Only after the stressed designer leaves the office and his demanding boss for a spontaneous surfing trip is his creativity unleashed. The flash of inspiration for the single drive unit comes to him in the 'tube' - the tunnel that a breaking wave forms. This dream of all surfers has much in common with the operating principle of the UTTD control: High speed, swirling masses of water - and a perfect result for all who master the process.

This 5-minute film from IKA also plays with the limits of dreams and reality, contrasting technique and feeling. It amusingly conveys the basic idea and provides detailed product information.

The IKA UTTD® control system is a unique, patented and universal, single-use dispersion system with hermetically sealed sample vessels. The system can be used to safely process infectious, toxic or odoriferous samples. This system also affords defined test conditions, which means that tests can be reproduced at any time. The innovative IKA tubes disperse, stir and crush sample material. Any cross-contamination between individual samples is completely removed by the single-use tubes, as is the risk of being exposed to highly infectious or toxic samples. With the control versionof this device, mixing and crushing can be optimised by switching on the turbo and reverse rotation functions.

The device was distinguished in 2012 with the red dot design award: product design 2012.


Publishing date: 18.07.2012.
Article name: Rudolph Research Analytical YouTube VIDEO Channel

Rudolph Research Analytical YouTube VIDEO Channel


Publishing date: 30.05.2012.
Article name: PERTEN channel on YouTube

Perten is a leading supplier of advanced analytical instruments to the agricultural industries. Our customers include some of the very largest companies in these industries, as well as many smaller operations and the research institutes which support the industry.

Volumeter OverviewVolumeter Overview - Operation and Basic Calibration

The BVM Volume analysis system is based on laser topography measurement. It rotates a sample, measures physical characteristics such as volume, length width, diameter, and even specific weight/density. It generates a 3-D image for archivable and comparison functions.

Pogledajte YouTube VIDEO >>>



AM 5200-AAM 5200-A - USDA-GIPSA Officially Certified Grain Moisture Meter / NTEP Approved

The AM 5200-A is Perten's 2nd generation UGMA, 149 mGHz Grain Moisture Meter. It's accurate, easy-to-use, and built to withstand the rigors encountered at grain elevators and grain processing sites. The video demonstrates spome of its design features and their benefits.

Pogledajte YouTube VIDEO >>>



RVARVA Instructional Video

Instructional video for the Rapid Visco Analyzer (RVA) from Perten Instruments. Viscometer with programmable temperature and shear. More information at http://www.perten.com/Products/Rapid-Visco-Analyser-RVA


Pogledajte YouTube VIDEO >>>



IM 9500 NIRIM 9500 NIR Grain Analyzer introduction

Introduction to the Inframatic 9500 NIR Grain Analyzer from Perten Instruments. Read more about the IM 9500 on http://http//www.perten.com/im9500


Pogledajte YouTube VIDEO >>>




DA 7300DA 7300 In-line NIR

Introduction to the DA 7300 In-line NIR by Perten Instruments. Read more on http://www.perten.com/da7300


Pogledajte YouTube VIDEO >>>



Gluten IndexGluten Index Method instruction

Introduction and instruction for the Gluten Index Method. Read more about the Gluten Index method on http://www.perten.com/Products/Glutomatic/


Pogledajte YouTube VIDEO >>>




Falling NumberFalling Number Method Instructional Video

Instructional video for the Falling Number method. The Falling Number Method is the World Standard for detecting sprout damage and alpha-amylase activity. Read more about the Falling Number method on http://www.perten.com/Products/Falling-Number/


Pogledajte YouTube VIDEO >>>

Publishing date: 22.02.2012.
Article name: OHAUS / new Navigator XT

link >>> The New Navigator XT

Unbeatable Durability
Unmatched Productivity
Unsurpassed Cleanliness

Adding to our expanding portfolio of quality scales and balances, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new NAVIGATORTM family*. Capitalizing on the touchless operation we have become accustomed to in our daily lives, such as that in automatic door openers, dispensers and bath and kitchen equipment, the NAVIGATORTM applies the same primary benefits this technology has to offer: CLEANLINESS and CONVENIENCE. For full details of these exciting new products head to our dedicated Navigator microsite.

Touchless sensors

Ultrafast Stabilization Time

Overload Protection

Large display (backlight LCD or LED)

Suitable pan size for industrial


Multiple weighing units Multiple application modes



Connectivity via USB, RS232 or Ethernet Option


Internal rechargeable battery

Publishing date: 30.01.2012.
Article name: Perkin Elmer Award Session
Recognition at the start of PerkinElmer equipment sale!

The annual meeting took place at the end of January in Rodgau, the center of Perkin Elmer organization for Central and East Europe, near Frankfurt, where last year’s results and this year’s strategy has been analyzed.

SUPERLAB team achieved best results and received champagne and plaque for accomplished first position at the beginning of 2012.



In the picture are Dr. Martin Greber, President for CENTRAL Operation, Mr. Peter Hoedl, GM CEE and Dr. Vladan Kocic, President of SUPERLAB Group

Publishing date: 15.12.2009.
Article name: Aparat za oblačenje nazuvica /Novi proizvod