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Department for the maintenance and technical support
SERVICELAB is the separate part in the system of the company SUPERLAB and its task is to give complete technical and service support to all selling departments of the company.
In order to fulfill this task in the best way possible, special attention is given to the education of the personal (trainings abroad), to the supply of quality measuring techniques and annual renovation of the certificates, so that the customers could be offered the best services in the field of control and  maintenance of the laboratory equipment.
Today, SERVICELAB has an opportunity to help the customers and respond to the challenges of the modern technology.
The engineers of SERVICELAB are available to give you all the required support from the very beginning, as follows:
  • by adequate selection and configuration of instruments in accordance to your needs
  • in the process of instruments installation
  • by starting the instruments
  • by solving problems occuring during the operation
  • by regular maintenance and servicing of instruments.