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Sales department for consumables, disposables and equipment for laboratories that deal with microbio­logy, genetics, industrial / white biotechnology

Sales program of MICROBIOGENLAB covers a range of products used in modern microbiology, starting with media preparation (salf-made and ready-to-use), cultivation of microorganisms, to detection and genotypisation. A part of our selling program contains complete equipment for the microbiological incubation, sterilisation and cryopreservation.

In addition, in our offer we have full-scale consumables and disposables which are used in every microbiological laboratory: products made of plastic and glass, dehydrated and ready-to-use culture media, rapid tests for microbiological identification, antibiotic susceptibility discs, and plastic bags for autoclaves and autoclave deodorant.

Genetics sales program accommodates all sorts of DNA and RNA manipulations - isolation, extraction and purification. We also retail endonucleases for the restriction analysis of DNA, polyme rases for the PCR amplifi cation and  different agaroses. Genetics program contains systems for ele ctrophoresis of various sizes, blotting and hybridisation, as well as gel documentation systems.

TOP Microbiogenlab 2015We also quote a unique selling program for the furnishing of PCR laboratories, which includes different PCR thermocyclers (standard and Real Time) depending on the PCR application, PCR reagents and PCR consumables. At your disposal are the PCR pathogen detection kits for food industry and molecular diagnostics.Requirements of biotechnological laboratories - for the industrial and white biotechnology, we comply with bioreactors and fermentors of different volumes and functional capacity.




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