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Dear visitors of our web site,
SUPERLAB was founded in 1994. as a private company with 100% domestic owner's capital. SUPERLAB's main occupation is representing foreign manufacturers of laboratory equipment, quality control equipment as well as manufacturers of different reagents and chemicals.

In less than a decade SUPERLAB has become a true leader on our market. Today SUPERLAB represents and sells goods of more than 100 world's most eminent companies with exclusive right for 22 companies.

is not organized as a conventional representative export import company; it is a lot more than that. Our expert team is at customers' service, helping with meeting the challenges of modern laboratory analytics, available for consulting regarding optimal choice and type of laboratory instruments and applications, technical support and post purchasing service and also for constant supplying of disposable materials!

In order to become familiar with customers' demands and wishing to respond adequately we organized SUPERLAB according to the latest principles of modern management.

Mission - Active contribution to human health protectio and promotion, animal welfare, envrionment conservation, by introduction of the most contemporary instruments for food,
air and soil quality control and diagnostics in human and veterinary medicine.

Vision - SUPERLAB as one of the leadin companies offering quality, reliability, honesty and 
cooperation on European and world`s market of laboratry and diagnostics equipment.


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